Cymaz Music Yep


Name of Ensemble


Delivering Organisation

Cymaz Music


Giles Woolley

Director/Leader contact email address

Director/Leader contact phone number


Assistant Leader(s)

Various; Jane Staffieri, Emily Faulkes, Meg Chapman

Rehearsal Venue

The House, St Austell 

Rehearsal Day and Time

Saturday 10.30 – 3.00pm

Current number of members


Current age range of members

 10 – 21


(in terms of ability/level/grade)

Junior: Able to play a song all the way through

Senior: Grade 2 or equivalent skill/knowledge 

Performances over the last 12 months

 Rock, Pop, Urban Music For Youth Regional festival

5th March 2016, 17 performers

Planned performances (where known)

 Unknown currently 


 Link to YEP website - 

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