Name of Ensemble



Delivering Organisation




Anna Minear

Director/Leader contact email address


Director/Leader contact phone number


Assistant Leader(s)



Rehearsal Venue

 Sir James Smiths, Camelford

Rehearsal Day and Time

 Wednesday 4:15pm – 5:15pm

Current number of members


Current age range of members


7yrs – 14yrs



(in terms of ability/level/grade)

 Approximately the first octave taught on their instrument. The music can be simplified for beginners. Approximately Grade 1 standard


Performances over the last 12 months

Concert at Wadebridge in December, a performance for BBC World Music day at St Austell, a concert at Budehaven Community College, and also at Sir James Smiths for an informal music evening.




Planned performances (where known)

The Mince Pie Christmas concert with Triggshire Winds and Triggshire Strings at Wadebridge Comprehensive School on Wednesday 14th December starting from 7.30pm.





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