Subsidies for instrumental and vocal lessons

Subsidies for instrumental/vocal tuition

The Cornwall Music Education Hub is committed to ensuring wider access to music for all children and young people. In order to do this, the Hub works with Cornwall schools and Hub Registered Providers to help provide free or subsidised instrumental/vocal tuition for school-age children. Please note that this funding does not include students attending FE or HE institutions as it is provided by Cornwall Schools Forum and administered by the Hub on their behalf).

If the child meets one of the following criteria and are receiving lessons from a Hub Registered Provider they will be entitled to a 100% subsidy up to £5.00 per lesson:

If the child meets the following criteria and is receiving lessons from a Hub Registered Provider they will be entitled 50% subsidy up to £2.50 per lesson:

Please note that subsidies apply to only one instrument per child

Process for claiming Subsidised Lessons

If you are a music teacher who is paid directly by parents:

If you are a School collecting tuition fees from parents on behalf of the delivering teacher:

Subsidy Claim Documents

Please see below the documentation for claiming the subsidies each term.  

Claim form deadlines:

Friday 26th May 2017 for the Summer Term

Friday 20th October 2017 for the Autumn Term

Friday 9th February 2018 for the Spring Term

Please note that you will not be able to claim subsidies for any students whom you have not included on your Subsidy Claim form that term.  This includes any students for whom you may have previously claimed.

Registered Providers

If you are a peripatetic instrumental or vocal teacher who delivers lessons in Local Authority or former Authority schools, the pupils that you teach could be eligible for subsidised lessons.  In order to access the subsidy scheme, peripatetic teachers need to first register with the Hub as a provider.  

If you are interested in becoming a Registered Provider, please read the documentation below (Pre-Qualification QuestionnaireSubsidy Policy and CMEH Delivery Agreement), complete and return to the Hub office.  You will be required to provide evidence of DBS checks, Safeguarding Training, Policies and Public Liability Insurance.

In order to register as a provider, you must complete and return the following documents:

Currently registered providers

The following individuals and organisations have registered with the CMEH as a Registered Provider.  Schools using these deliverers for their peripatetic instrumental tuition will be able to access the Hub Subsidy Scheme.  

Other Subsidies offered by the Hub

There are also subsidies available for instrument hire and orchestra/choir/ensemble membership for children on Free School Meals, Children in Care and children of Services Personnel.  

Special Educational Needs

Students with statements of Special Educational Needs can receive a subsidy which allows them to receive an individual 20 minute lesson at the same rate as a small group lesson (subsidy is up to a maximum of £8.50 per lesson but usual small group fee still applies).  This subsidy applies when schools feel that it would beneficial for the student to receive individual tuition rather than learning in a small group.

If you think that your child might be eligible for music lesson subsidies, please speak to your school or music tuition provider for further details.

Minority Instruments

We have changed how we support 'Minority Instruments' (Bassoon, Cello, Double Bass, French Horn, Euphonium, Tuba, Oboe, Tuned Orchestral Percussion and Viola) and a bursary scheme is now in place.  There are 80 bursaries available to subsidise the cost of learning one of these instruments. Please note that applications for this bursary must be received by the Hub office by Friday 15th September 2017.  

CMEH Minority Instrument Bursary Policy

CMEH Minority Instrument Bursary Application Form (word) /CMEH Minority Instrument Bursary Application Form (PDF)

plication Form (word) /CMEH Minority Instrument Bursary Application Form (PDF)

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