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There is a wealth of information available to support the teaching of music and supporting progression.  Here is a selection of some key websites and resources which we hope you will find useful

COVID-19 Music Guidance and Research

Useful guidance and research around teaching music or musical activities during the pandemic

Music Mark - Music Unlockedthree live documents which will be reviewed as often as more research comes to light: a short, simple guide for schools (primarily aimed at helping head teachers and governors understand that musical learning can and must be part of the curriculum as pupils return to school), a more detailed guide for music providers (which school music teachers may also find useful), and a ‘literature review’.  

Freiberg Institue for Musicians - Risk assessment of Coronavirus infection in the field of music - findings of research into the risks of singing and playing instruments with recommendations on how to reduce identified risks

Association of British Choral Director - Where have all the singers gone - Research into the impact of COVID-19 on choral singing.

MIA - Musical Instrument Hygiene - links to guidance on how to clean instruments effectively.

Music Mark - Instrument Maintenance Guides - to help parents/students maintain their instruments



Supporting Home Learning

More Home Learning resources can be found on our Musical Learning at Home page

Advocacy and Research

Curriculum and Teaching 

Primary Music Toolkit - Online toolkit for Primary Schools created by Dr Alison Daubney

TriBorough Music Hub - Curriculum Guidance.  Created by the Tri Borough Music Hub in London, this document contains information about:

It covers all phases from Early Years to Post-16 with specific SEND content.

Inclusion and SEND

General and Music Related Safeguarding Guidance and Resources

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