Rainbow Pond - A resource for teaching music in the early years

Rainbow Pond Music - A Toolkit for developing Musical Learning in the Early Years


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Rainbow Pond Music is a complete toolkit which uses colourful characters, songs and games to teach key musical concepts to young children in a unique and inspiring way.

Teaching is delivered through easy to follow lesson and activity plans, colourful and tactile teaching aids, photocopiable resources, CD, film and continuous provision resources introducing and developing KEY MUSICAL CONCEPTS.  

This exciting new music making ‘system’ enables both the confident music specialist as well as the daunted non-specialist teacher transform music provision into focused and fun music sessions

Benefits of the Rainbow Pond Music Programme:



The Rainbow Pond Music Kit - What is Included?

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A complete kit to deliver exciting and high quality musical learning in the Early Years!

Each pack costs £195 and includes:

To order, contact - hub@asoneperform.com 

Feedback about Rainbow Pond Music

Rainbow Pond Music has been developed in consultation with Early Years staff to ensure that the final product is both child friendly and easy for staff to use.  Here are some of their comments:

"Excellent Idea for independent and creative music making in the classroom. Solves a lot of problems associated with classroom music!" 

Early years Teacher, Launceston, Cornwall

"A great scheme I would like to use in the future." 

Porthleven Early Years teacher, Cornwall.

"Great – nervous about teaching music but really love this scheme."

Early Years teacher in training, Cornwall. 

“Excellent ideas for introducing composition to children - I want to get away from ‘exploring’ instruments.”

Early Years Teacher, Brunel Primary Academy, Cornwall.


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