Hubbub - Free Music Festival for Children and Young People

Hubbub 2020 - Our first virtual festival!

Whilst the COVID-19 restrictions meant it wasn't possible to bring hundreds of children together for our usual Hubbub festivals, that didn't mean that we couldn't still have a day of fantastic musical fun!  

On Tuesday 23rd June, we held a day of free online workshops for the children and young people of Cornwall.  Over 90 schools and 6000 children signed up for this event!  The day included the following workshops:

- Beatboxing with world champion Beatbox SK Schlomo

- South African Gum Boot Dancing

- Samba Drumming

- Samba Dancing

- Body Percussion

- Music and Mindfulness

- Rainbow Pond Music for younger children

The day got off to a great start with a vocal warm-up by the Hub's Vocal Strategy Lead, Angela Renshaw

We are hoping that we will be able to have live workshops once again in 2021 but this will depend on COVID-19 restrictions next year.

Hubbub 2019 - Free Workshops for Young People of all ages!

In 2019 we again held two festivals, one in Wadebridge and one in Heartlands.  These events were attended by nearly 1500 children!

Children with djembe drums
Boys in beatboxing workshop
Bhangra workshop with RSVP
Gamelan workshop
Songwriting workshop
Hubbub end of day parade at Heartlands


Hubbub 2018 - In Pictures

In 2018, the Hub returned to Heartlands in Pool on the 21st and 22nd June for our annual free music festival for schools and for the first time ever on the 10th and 11th July we held our first event at The Royal Cornwall Showground.

Hubbub Heartlands 

Workshops: Bhangra, Taiko, Streetdance, Rainbow Pond Music (for younger children), Tudor Music, Samba, beatboxing , DJing and Music Tech (at dBs Music studios across the road from Heartlands site)


Children in DJing workshop
Children in Tudor Music workshop
Children in beatboxing workshop
Children in street dance workshop
Children playing samba drums
Street dance workshop at Heartlands
Rainbow Pond Music workshop
Welcome session
Taiko drumming workshop leader playing shime drum

Hubbub North - Royal Cornwall Showground, Wadebridge -  July 2018

Workshops: Bhangra, Taiko, Rainbow Pond Music, Beatboxing, Gamelan, Samba, Instant Music


welcome session led by Matt Harrison
Children in Rainbow Pond Music workshop
Beatboxing with Grace Savage
Samba Drumming
Taiko drumming
Girl playing gamelan
RSVP on stage
children with djembe and xylophones
Ceilidh band at the end of the day



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