Radcliffe Trust

The Radcliffe Trust

The Radcliffe Trust supports classical music performance and training, especially chamber music, composition and music education. Particular interests within music education are music for children and adults with special needs, youth orchestras and projects at secondary and higher levels, including academic research. The Trustees respond to applications and also initiate their own projects.

The Trust is aware that traditional performance-based projects will be impracticable for the foreseeable future. However, many organisations are finding creative new ways to reach their audiences or to reach altogether new audiences. For the forthcoming round of applications the Trustees wish to support such innovative and imaginative projects developed in response to the current challenging times.

Applications must be able to demonstrate that they can be successfully delivered within the prevailing government safety guidelines. We very much hope that in responding to these challenges, creative organisations will succeed in finding new opportunities and projects to develop.

For the foreseeable future the Trust will only be making one year grants and will not consider multi-year funding.


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