A new platform for young songwriters and musicians in Cornwall

Posted by Tanya Moore on Friday, April 17, 2020 in news
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A new record label is being launched to support young Cornish musicians during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Kevrenna Records (Kevrenna means to share in Cornish) is based totally online and is part of the response by the Cornwall Music Education Hub, a service offered by Cornwall Council, to support young people who wish to continue to make music during the coronavirus crisis. 

The platform provides a variety of challenge-based song writing projects for young musicians to work through. Each project makes writing, producing and releasing a record a collaborative process with students working together on different elements such as the original story idea, writing the lyrics and creating a demo recording. 

The Hub is then able to link the songwriters with young musicians and producers around the county to add vocals and instrumental parts. The finished song will then be released to all major streaming platforms through Truro-based partner RouteNote music distributions.

All profits from the streams of the songs go back to the students involved; the students can choose to have either a cash transfer or vouchers for musical instruments/ equipment or software from the partner organisations.

“As I’m sure you can imagine, getting this platform designed so quickly has been a challenge.” Said local musician and songwriter, Ryan Jones, who has been working with the Cornwall Music Education Hub to lead on this project.

“The site is still in the fairly early stages of development but we have decided to launch it as soon as possible so students can continue to access the high quality support of the Hub. I am also working on a community version of the project which will be launched very soon.”

The platform will also offer masterclasses, a bank resources to support song writing and music production, access to discounts through project partners and playlists of releases. 

The Cornwall Music Education Hub has called in the help of some huge international partners to help them in their trailblazing project; working with

Sontronics Microphones, RouteNote, BandLab, Native Instruments, Steinberg, Antelope Audio, Allen and Heath and PMC speakers.  

If you are a writer or music professional and are interested in contributing content to the master tapes archives, or supporting the project then please get in touch with Ryan at Kevrenna

If you are a teacher and want to use the platform for homework assignments then please email.  Students (or parent/carers for students under 18) wanting to get involved should visit www.kevrennarecords.com and start your project!


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