Hiring class sets of instruments

Children playing samba drums

Hire of Classroom Set Instruments

The Hub has a number of class sets of instruments that can be hired from the Hub at a subsidised rate. The sets are ideal for First Access (whole class instrumental teaching).

 To hire as a class set for £70 per term (For classes of up to 35 students). 

To hire, please complete the online class set hire form


African Percussion

Set includes djembes and hand percussion.  Suitable for KS1 and 2.  Secondary size also available

children playing african drums


Set of Brazilian samba percussion

children playing samba drums

Taiko Drums

Set of pipe drums with stands and bachi (sticks).  Based on 2 students per drum

children playing taiko drums


Indonesian tuned percussion set

children playing gamelan instruments

Jumbie Jams

Child sized portable steel pans

children playing jumbie jam steel pans


Set of acoustic guitars – ¼, ½ and full sizes

 Photo Of Assorted Acoustic Guitars


colourful ukuleles leaning against a wall


Supplied with multi point power packs

Keyboard lit up on stage



Violins, violas, cellos and double basses Available in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full sizes. Sets can be mixed instrument and size

Group of young violinists playing on stage


Clarinet/Kinder Clarinet/Clarineo

Clarinetists in an orchestra

Flutes (Including curved head for younger children)

Young girl playing the flute on a stage


Cornets, Trumpets (including pocket trumpets) and Compact Trombones, can be hired as a mixed set

Girls playing colourful pocket trumpets


A group of students with saxophones


Available to hire for £35 per term


Yamaha YRF21 2-Piece Plastic Fife | Harmony Recorders ...




Image result for ocarina blue plastic red

Accessible Instruments

The Skoog (up to 10 instruments)


Instrument Enquiries

To contact the Instrument Manager, please email steve@asoneperform.com 

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