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There is a wealth of information available to support the teaching of music and supporting progression.  Here is a selection of some key websites and resources which we hope you will find useful

COVID-19 Music Guidance and Research

Useful guidance and research around teaching music or musical activities during the pandemic

Music Mark - Music Unlockedthree live documents which will be reviewed as often as more research comes to light: a short, simple guide for schools (primarily aimed at helping head teachers and governors understand that musical learning can and must be part of the curriculum as pupils return to school), a more detailed guide for music providers (which school music teachers may also find useful), and a ‘literature review’.  

MIA - Musical Instrument Hygiene - links to guidance on how to clean instruments effectively.

Music Mark - Instrument Maintenance Guides - to help parents/students maintain their instruments

Yamaha Product Safety Information - detailed guidance on how to safely sanitise instruments and audio equipment 

Help Musicians Corona Musicians website - a one stop shop of advice and support for musicians during the COVID pandemic



Supporting Home Learning

More Home Learning resources can be found on our Musical Learning at Home page

Advocacy and Research

Curriculum and Teaching 

Teaching Music in Schools - model Music Curriculum - In March 2021, the government published it's new Model Music Curriculum.  This is not a new National Curriculum but instead represents good practice in how the statutory curriculum can be delivered

Primary Music Toolkit - Online toolkit for Primary Schools created by Dr Alison Daubney

TriBorough Music Hub - Curriculum Guidance.  Created by the Tri Borough Music Hub in London, this document contains information about:

It covers all phases from Early Years to Post-16 with specific SEND content.

Inclusion and SEND

General and Music Related Safeguarding Guidance and Resources

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